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Imagine our world without science and all these inventions and discoveries? How would it look like?

You would not do things you do now such as job, work, going to school, theatres, etc.

Or you would eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner sitting at a table, where the food is cooked for buying your favorite dish from the restaurant where the food is cooked from the grains or pulse which is stored safely for month after cultivation.

What have you done when there is no science? You possibly went to collecting food from the forest every time you got hungry.  What would have happed in the forest?

Either you hunt some animals for your food on some good day, or on a bad day, you would have become food for some bigger animals. Without Science humans a just an animal which is part of the natures food chain.

The moment the human thought of securing his life and his family against the big animals and ensuring food security is the start or the birth of science.

The human asked questing how, why, what, next is the mark of the progress of the thousands of years of civilization. Asking questing and understanding the concepts is called Science.

The same human which is just another animal that led it’s of hunting or being hunted by other animals changed its lifestyle secured its existence, grown and stored its food, traveled across the continents, and also started to travel to different planets all happened because of science.

Science in Everything We do

What is science? Who does it? Is it done by people who are only Engineers and doctors?

It is a common perception that only people who wear a lab coat, working in a laboratory, working with come colorful chemicals, wires, microchips, computers, blood, doing heart operations are only people who work with science.

The answer is no. Science is everywhere done by everyone. Cooking is a Science, Switching on your fan is science, driving a car is science etc.

You can ask, What is Cooking is Science? The answer is yes. Cooking involves a lot of processes, such as cleaning, cutting, heat, and cooling. All are science. All will accept the fact that cooking the first time does not give good food or good taste.

Cooking is all about practicing, measurement, time that is done again and again to get the perfect food.

Science is all tests, experiments, research that is done again and again in a certain pattern till we the certain results.

How would you know when switch on, the fan will run? It is because, you would a learned, practiced, and understood that when you switch on, the fan will run.

Yes, Science is everywhere, everything we do.

Science is evolved and evolving

Science continues to evolve.

The human took science earlier for their survival against big animals, food safety etc. But over the years, human started questions after question and tried to find answers. It may look unnecessary at first glance but these questions have taken us where we are today.

If you ask a question, is there a need to explore a new planet?

The answer is yes, at some point in time the Sun will no longer produce light and heat, which marks the end of our solar system. Where will all live? We need to explore.

Once we have thought all the heavenly objects such as Sun, Moon, Mars as Gods. But we found they are just planets and read Nature of Universe for more details on planets.

Once we thought when we pray god during disease we will be cured. But the answer is some disease heals itself in some and some needs medical attention.

Today, nobody goes to a temple, church, or mosque when we get a heart attack or accident. We take them to hospitals.

Science has though us Hospitals are the real temple, where the doctor who treats, where the engineers who made instruments, the scientist who invented things, the chemist who developed medicines, etc are the real god.

The fact is, today everyone is an atheist. Either you are an active atheist or passive atheist.

The active atheist is the one who already knows he an atheist.

The passive atheist is the one who worships gods, prays, and is religious. But he takes his family or friends to the hospital when they fall sick.

How does the past help us in understanding the present?

Science gives us picture of the present and future

The question above might be little confusion. If you rewrite the above question it will become “reasons why we study history“.

Learning the past or history is not just remembering King name, dates and wars. It is a document about the rising and fall of powerful people, countries, the right things they had done, and the wrong things they have done.

History gives us the blueprint of what should we do to succeed in life and what things we should not do which were done in the past.

Thus learning the past, it all about learning the people, culture, how humans are separated by religions, race, caste, all the wars that killed millions of innocent people only to satisfy the happiness of few individuals.

Thereby the past history gives us detailed proof of why should we feel that all humans are equal irrespective of Religion, Caste, Race, Color, Nationality, Gender, etc.

Understand in past

Understand in past helps us build a better life. As every human do not know what to do at what age. Whom to love?, When to love?, When to marry?, When to get kids?, etc.

When you read a book that describes the life of a person who lived in the past we can get some idea such as what to do and what not to do.

Suppose if you are reading a diary written by your grandfather or father, he would have written what are the mistakes he made in the life and what are its outcomes were.

Suppose your grandfather made a great mistake in his life by marrying the wrong person, he would have written something like “Marrying Late is better than Marrying the wrong person”.

This simple sentence will make you great difference in anyone’s life.


The day when humans started going to the hospital when fallen sick and not though going to temple or church or mosque.

Science has won. The atheist percentage is only increasing.

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* * All the Notes in this blog, are referred from Tamil Nadu State Board Books and Samacheer Kalvi Books. Kindly check with the original Tamil Nadu state board books and Ncert Books.
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