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Best Smartphones around Rs 5000

Every one talking about Apple Iphone ,Samsung Galaxy S series or Sony Xperia Smartphones that are quite a big budget models mostly used by Hifi costumers.But in country like there is huge consumer who...


Myths in Broadband Internet Connections

In India, most of the Internet users prefer BSNL broadband Connections for lot of reasons ,one main reason is because it is central government company so it is cheap compared to other private networks....


Mangalyaan to reach Mars in 30 days

India‘s Mangalyaan spacecraft just has nine million kilometers away to reach Mars,launched on 5 November 2013 from the Satish Dhawan Space Center center of the Indian Space Research Organization.


Ebola Virus Symptoms

Ebola … What are the symptoms? This is a rare kind of virus ,which is now rapidly spreading in Northern Africa,the United nation Organization and the World Health Organisation sets a high alert to...


Alien recorded on video by Nasa

In video footage released by the American space agency NASA which is shorted on moon that seem like human figure were walking.The moving human like thing has been doubted as Alien.  This suspected mysterious...


Worlds Fastest Running Animal

This is the list of fastest running animals on the earth surprisingly this list consists of only one big cat,there are no Lion,Tiger,Leopards.This list consists mostly Gazelle and Antelope. Rank 1:Cheetah “Cheetah Feb09 02“....

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Worlds Longest Lived Sea Creature

Rank 1:Quahog “LittleNeck clams USDA96c1862“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. The arduous clam and its scientific name is quahog, additionally referred to as a quahog (or quahaug), round clam, or hard-shell (or...


Worlds Heaviest Marine Mammal

Rank 1:Blue Whale Blue whales are enormous sea creatures that can measure up to 100 feet or 30 m long which weights about 143 tons,that makes them largest animal ever lived in this planet...